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Our coaching and writing sessions are typically 1 hour in length.

We have no minimum number of sessions, although typically our students are recommended to sign up for at least 4 sessions, as this is the bare minimum for the student to develop a good rapport with their coach and begin to develop at least some healthy study and writing habits.



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Each session builds upon the last, and there are often new revelations made in each session regarding areas of improvement.

The first session usually involves rapport building and developing an understanding of the student’s most pressing needs.

Subsequent sessions focus on skill building and integrating new strategies into the daily routines of student lives.

We offer different packages depending on how far each student wishes to go with respect to their own personal development.

Prices tend to decrease with more purchased sessions.

We offer a money back guarantee if parents and students are not satisfied with the first session.


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At Study Savvy, our coaches can help students become better writers.
Unlike our flagship coaching services, our writing services focus on writing skills exclusively.
Writing is an area of academics that often demands the most from students. When we write, we have to summon a number of skills simultaneously. Mental fortitude, the organization of thoughts, articulation of thoughts, remembering many things at once, coordination of fingers, planning and monitoring all factor in to writing.

Therefore, it is no surprise that writing skills are often associated with academic success. Most students with identifiable learning challenges struggle with writing.