Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?


Academic Coaching is often confused with tutoring, which looks at helping students with a particular course or examination. While this can be useful in the short-term, academic coaches take a more holistic approach to helping students and look at developing skills that can be used for a lifetime of success in all endeavors. A holistic approach looks at the root causes of student difficulties as they relate to the student as a whole. Is the student organized? Do they have problems focusing and retaining information? Tutors focus only on surface problems, like figuring out the content for an upcoming test. They put a Band-Aid over the problem, but the underlying issues of academic underachievement persist.

Unlike tutors who control and define the tutor-student relationship, an academic coach allows the student to set their own goals and work towards them, thereby acting as a guide and partner to their own self-realization. Tutoring is reactionary and temporary, whereas coaching is proactive and transformative.

Today’s educational system can be overwhelming for many students. Many teachers continue to offer a content heavy curriculum, using traditional teaching techniques to meet the needs of 20 or more diverse and unique students. Some first year university classes have over 300 students. The needs of all students can never be met in such a system. Some students require personal attention to succeed, and we are here to give it.

Academic coaches help students develop timetables, understand the importance of balancing and prioritizing their time, develop healthy study habits and to approach their work in a more positive and efficient manner. In essence, we help guide you to a more balanced way of approaching school, leading to increased motivation and an overall positive outlook on schooling and life.







Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Don’t know where to begin? Try our self-assessment questionnaire to find out if academic coaching is the right choice for your son or daughter.

dot Are your child’s binders, notes etc. messy and   disorganized?
dot Does your child feel anxious when faced with   multiple tasks?
dot Does your child procrastinate?
dot Does your child have a hard time managing   their time?
dot Does your child have difficulty asking questions   and expressing him/herself?
dot Does your child’s success vary between   courses and different teachers?
dot Does your child express negative views about   their schooling?
dot Does your child struggle with understanding the   meaning of textbooks, articles?
dot Does your child struggle to express him/herself   through writing?
dot Does your child believe that academic success   is something you are born with?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the above questions, then academic coaching may be suitable for your son or daughter. Contact us for more info or to set up a free consultation.