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Our mission at Study Savvy is to help students develop the skills and acquire the presence of mind to achieve academic success according to their unique needs and capabilities; success looks and feels different for different types of people. We don’t subscribe to the myth of laziness, or that children with learning challenges are doomed. We believe that with the right tutelage and patient mentoring, all students can find some measure of success and feel happy in school, and more importantly in life.

Students struggle in school for a myriad of reasons, but we have found that most have poor organization, time-management, note-taking and exam-taking skills. In essence, they don’t know how to study. For some, these skills come naturally, but for others they are left feeling helpless in the classroom. We believe that many of these skills are attainable, for all students.

At Study Savvy we help students identify their main challenges and strengths, and create actionable plans to make school more manageable, and hence more enjoyable. We believe that the more success a student experiences, the more they will enjoy school. Every student deserves to feel successful in his or her own way.







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rod Rod Missaghi

Lead Coach

BA, MA (Teaching), OCT

Rod holds a (BA) Honours in Sociology and a Master’s in Teaching from The University of Toronto and is an Ontario Certified Teacher.

He has many years of experience as a High School and Middle School teacher in the public and private sectors, and has taught overseas. He
has experience working with students one-on-one, and in larger classroom settings.

Rod has taken specialized courses in Special Education and has experience working with students with exceptionalities.

Rod is well versed in educational technologies and how they can be effective in developing more productive study habits.

He is an Ontario Graduate Scholar and has presented at many educational conferences. His Master’s research was in Moral Education, where he looked at the ethical responsibilities of teachers in the classroom.

Prior to entering education, Rod enjoyed a successful career as a sales and marketing professional, and has held senior positions at many successful companies. He is working towards his professional coaching certifications and is dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential.

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