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Study Savvy specializes in academic coaching for students (12+). Our coaches are all OCT certified teachers, or possess at least a Master’s level degree. We work with a range of students: those with exceptionalities, students in transition, or those who are simply looking to improve their study habits. We stand by our ability to partner with students and help them tap into their potential.

Academic coaching is a relatively new and exciting educational service that is increasingly becoming popular as an alternative to tutoring. Coaching helps students learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, and how to plan and execute strategies that will help them become more aware and productive students. The skills they learn in coaching sessions will put them in a position for a lifetime of success as a student and in all future endeavors.

We help develop:

dot   Time management skills
dot   Efficient note-taking strategies
dot   Selective reading strategies
dot   Conceptual thinking skills
dot   Confidence and presence
dot   Ability to cope with stress and pressure
dot   Exam preparation
dot   Ability to take charge of education
dot   Initiative and questioning skills
dot   Task prioritization


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